Restorative Justice City - Designing Justice + Designing Spaces
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Developing new typologies for social change

Location: Oakland, CA

Team: Francis Goyes, Deanna Van Buren, Tessa Finlev, The Institute of the Future

Status: In progress, 2014 to present


Download Restorative Justice City Map (4MB PDF)


In response to the crisis caused by the prison-industrial complex, communities like Oakland are working towards the creation of a Restorative Justice City (RJ City) by developing new policies, education, and training rooted in restorative justice philosophies and systems.


DJDS is leading a multi-disciplinary team to support these efforts. We are looking at how we create the restorative infrastructure required to implement these policies, services, and processes as part of a holistic approach to envisioning a criminal justice system based on reparation rather than retribution. The RJ City project evaluates the needs of a restorative system and applies this shift to the design of its spaces and how it is deployed at the scale of the city.