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A Center for Restorative Justice and Restorative Economics


Client: Restore Oakland LLC

Team: Shelley Davis Roberts, Kacper Bigosinski, Kyle Rawlins, Deanna Van Buren

Project Type: Adaptive Reuse – 20,000 square feet

Status: Complete



Located in East Oakland, Restore is the first center for restorative justice and restorative economics in the country. Restaurant Opportunities Centers United will have their first Oakland restaurant on the ground floor, where they will train individuals to get front-of-house jobs and incubate businesses from low-income communities of color. In addition, Restore will serve as a hub for the Ella Baker Center’s initiatives to end mass incarceration and provide dedicated space for Alameda County’s restorative justice programs, in which victims feel heard and supported, conflicts are resolved, and communities are strengthened.


DJDS worked with Restore Oakland LLC to locate the project site and negotiate the purchase and sale agreement of the property. Through a series of design workshops with the partner organizations, DJDS developed a design and renderings for fundraising. The DJDS team then provided full architectural services for the project through construction.