DJ+DS | Pop-Up Resource Village
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Client: The People

Team: Kyle Rawlins, Deanna Van Buren, Brandi Mack, Oretola Thomas, David Wright & Nathan Kandus (Envelope Engineers), Chris David Bahara, Sabrina Fair

Status: In Progress



The Pop-Up Resource Village addresses lack of access to resources by increasing access to education, social services, and economic opportunity through the creation and convening of mobile structures which “pop-up” on a regular basis to create a village of civic resources for under-resourced communities.  Inspired by local engagement, cultural expression, and entrepreneurship, these mobile educational and resource models eliminate the economic and social isolation many communities face by bringing education, resources, and opportunity directly to them. In eliminating these barriers, the Pop-Up Resource Village seeks to reduce recidivism, improve social cohesion, and increase in public safety using the power of creative placemaking.