DJDS | Love Building & Campus
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Client: Allied Media Projects (AMP)

Program Partners: Detroit Justice Center, Detroit Narrative Agency, Detroit Community Technology Project, Detroit Disability Power

Project Type: Adaptive Reuse – 25,000+ square feet

Status: In development


The Love Building and associated campus buildings will form a new urban landscape in the Core City neighborhood of Detroit. At the core is a nonprofit hub that supports over 100 social activist media organizations. The Detroit Justice Center and Just City Innovation Lab, which provide legal services for formerly-incarcerated men and women and develop new justice innovations in service of ending mass incarceration, will also have facilities within the project. Spaces for conferencing and peacemaking will be interwoven with arts and fabrication spaces. These arts and fabrication facilities will be in alignment with the arts corridor developing in this area of Detroit, and they’ll also support workforce development and arts programming in the county jails and prisons. It will be a true hub for social impact.

DJDS worked with Allied Media Projects and four of their associated partners, including the Detroit Justice Center, to facilitate two workshops to visualize the new look and feel of the exterior and interior spaces for the building, as well as an expanded vision for a campus spread across the adjacent parcels. DJDS brought in global leaders in engineering Arup, as well as Landscape Designer Azzurra Cox, to support the creation of several aesthetic designs and financial models for acquiring the capital to build the vision.