DJDS | Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)




DJDS is a non profit architecture and real estate development firm that innovates in and around the built environment to address the root causes of mass incarceration with a focus on restorative justice and restorative economics. To achieve this mission the team is comprised of architects, designers, real estate developers, operations/events production and community organizers within which the production designs and administrative lead is an integrated part of a multidisciplinary team. This unique position follows and integrates the core activities involved in directing the organization’s financial planning and accounting practices as well as its relationship with lending institutions, investors, grantors, and the financial community.


RESPONSIBILITIES (Executive level, 20+ years experience)


  • Leverage existing and new relationships/partnerships to build organization investment fund opportunities for underserved communities.
  • Design and strategize organization’s financial goals and offerings including, but not limited to:
    • 5-10 year budget and growth projections
    • overall financial management
    • endowment funds
    • investment funds
    • 501k and other investment benefits for the staff and larger community
  • Provide monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual financial reports to the Board of Directors, and select grantors.
  • Create and propose tax strategies for DJDS and it’s subsidiaries.
  • Ensures successful completion of month end closes.
  • Develop and maintain reliable cash flow projections including minimum cash threshold to meet operating needs.
  • Advocate for resources to optimize management of organization’s finances and financial procedures.
  • Research and propose implementation strategies for a working capital plan, and potential investment for excess working capital.
  • Appraises the organization’s financial position and issues periodic reports on organization’s financial stability, liquidity, and growth.
  • Collaborate with Directors and Managers on performance benchmarks and incentives.
  • Review financial aspects of real estate purchase contracts, and funding opportunities.
  • Maintain and administer investment practices and reporting to shareholders and investors for DJDS subsidiaries (i.e. projects).
  • Maintain responsibility for all regulatory compliance for all tax filings and reports to the appropriate government agencies.
  • Manage organizational audits.
  • Manage relationships with any outside financial consultants.
  • Design and strategize the organization’s operating budget.
  • Hold signing authority for contracts, engagements, and bank accounts.
  • Lead director level meetings and discussions pertaining to the organization’s financial matters.
  • Advise board treasurer and Finance committee  in organizational financial activities, such as custodian of funds, securities, and assets of the organization. 
  • Monitors checks and balances in place for financial accountability and oversight
  • Directs and coordinates the establishment of budget programs, tax reporting programs, and grantor reporting activities



(Expected duties of an Executive level position)

  • Consult on key decisions for the organization, guide directors if needed on decision making for their respective areas of responsibility.
  • Review and approve expenses outside of the director level authorized limits.
  • Collaborate with the DJDS Leadership team on organization-wide matters.
  • Develop and maintain internal and external relationships on behalf of  the organization.
  • Act as a fiduciary and officer of the organization, ensuring knowledge of, and compliance with legal requirements as well as acting within the best interest of the organization and its values.
  • Establishes company directives, vision, and goals in collaboration with the Board of Directors and Executive Team. 
  • Collaborate with the respective Board committee.




  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and a high level of discretion.
  • Exceptional skills in cross-disciplinary collaborative team work
  • Facilitation skills and conflict management
  • Commitment to DJDS’ mission and goals
  • Attend and participate in thought leadership of DJDS’s organizational model and financial opportunities to include attending and speaking at relevant conferences and convenings
  • Cultural competency for a diverse range of cultures, communities, and lived experiences
  • High level of emotional intelligence and ability to apply it
  • Commitment to learning and understanding robust community-led processes and practices
  • Adaptability to emergent project processes and problem-solving
  • Acute understanding of systemic racism and social inequities and its impacts on a range of individuals from systems impacted individuals and their communities of care to elected officials.
  • Thoughtful, empathetic negotiation skills 
  • The ability to balance the mindset to abundance with the realities of a business needs and flows. 
  • Appreciation for aesthetic design




  • Healthcare benefits with options for medical insurance under the company group plan. Employer contributes 100% of employee healthcare offered under the group healthcare offerings.
  • Compensation for this role will not exceed $130,000




Please send a resume and cover letter using the instructions listed below.


Subject Line: CFO

Attachment: One multipage PDF not to exceed 3MB

The PDF should include:

  • Cover letter (in your cover letter please include (please limit to 400 words max):
    • Your definition of Restorative Justice 
    • Your definition of Trauma-Informed Practice
    • An example where you have observed or participated in Non Violent Communication
    • Your understanding of Emotional Intelligence and it’s relation to personal accountability
  • Resume


Please, no phone calls or recruiters. All applicants must be eligible to work in the U.S.