DJDS | Women’s Refuge Trailer
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Client: Five Keys Schools and Programs

Team: Zoe Parsigian, Julia Grinkrug, Jess Pauly, Deanna Van Buren

Status: Complete


Women are often facing several obstacles to safety when released from incarceration in the middle of the night, or when seeking refuge from human trafficking. They may spend the night on the street, find shelter that may not be safe, or get bombarded by drug dealers and exploiters before they even get a chance to start figuring out life’s next steps after their release. If safety is reached, women must face the ongoing need to address a history of abuse and trauma, physical and mental health issues, and reunification with their communities of care.


In collaboration with Five Keys Schools and Programs staff and students, DJDS led a five-day workshop at County Jail #2 in San Francisco with 60 women to create a workable design that would provide space for up to 8 women after release from jail. During these workshops the women expressed what they would like to see in the space and designed the layout, materials and patterns that might express themselves in the finishes and furnishings in the space.


The Women’s Mobile Refuge Center will provide a mobile space of refuge for women during the night as they transition from disparaging environments, ongoing support as they integrate back into their communities, and support other nonprofit programs that provide services to our most vulnerable women and girls. Across the city of San Francisco women can get access to a range of technical and social services in an environment that is trauma informed.