DJ+DS | Spaces for Collaborative Practice
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Peace in Place

The Peace in Place project was developed with Yuval Berger MFT, Kimberly P. Fauss, JD to harness the power of physical design to increase the impact of Collaborative practice to move clients and professionals from a defensive posture to calm alertness where creativity can be accessed. A physical environment removed from the hierarchical structures of court and top-down solutions of litigation can produce trust and confidence in clients so they can make their own decisions. The intentional design of spaces for healing, whether conference rooms or professional offices or informal gathering or reception areas has the potential to impact the work of conflict resolution done in these spaces.

The goal of this workshop is to provide tools that empower Collaborative practitioners to define shared values and to design environments that support those values. Collaborative professionals can then improve services to their clients by making simple changes to physical environments. With only minimal expenditure for design or refurbishing, notable results can be achieved to engage and guide clients and Collaborative teams through the emotional stages of conflict and decision-making.


Team: Kimberly Fauss, Yuval Berger, Deanna Van Buren