DJ+DS | DJ+DS Peace and Justice Cards
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Peace and Justice Cards are a conceptual deck of cards that can be used to explore design ideas with communities across cultures and language barriers. They cover a range of themes including places, people, objects, materials, and textures. By making selections of images in response to prompts and queries, participants can create a photographic essay of the qualities of space, and the values they hold; and are an easy way for participants to explore experiences with various emotions. They can be used over and over again and are a cheap, easy, and fast way to elicit insight from participants in any gathering you may have.


Make your own deck of cards



  • Scissors or chipboard ruler to rip straight edges
  • Glue sticks and/or double sided tape
  • Images, magazines
  • Postcards or simple 3” x 5” or 5” x 7” office cards (larger cards allow more flexibility)


Collect images from photos, the Internet, or magazines, and cut or fold them to the size of the card on which they will be affixed. Be careful to frame the image the way you want it, prior to cutting or folding. Then glue or tape the image to a blank card of any size. You may wish to add questions, words, a stamp, or icon on the opposite side to brand your cards and allow them to be used in a variety of ways.